Optimized WooCommerce SEO for the growth of your business

Your easy-to-use customizable eCommerce platform

Page Title Optimization

We choose an accurate page title, optimize category pages to rank for a wider term, and use product pages to rank for specific terms.


We enable breadcrumb links that help the visitors to go back on the category page easily and Google to determine your site structure.

Site Navigation

Our WooCommerce SEO services keep your site navigation simple so that you have a good bounce rate and an increased visiting time.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Our services of WooCommerce SEO in Lahore make original and fresh content and redirect the pages to the one which ranks the best.

SEO Plugins

Our WooCommerce services online make use of the best SEO plugins like AIOSEO and Yoast SEO to select focus keywords for each page.

Optimized Themes

Our digital marketing company in Lahore takes leverage of the current SEO functionality in WordPress to make sure your site uses the latest themes.


Our approach of WooCommerce in Lahore, Pakistan focuses on developing strong relevant keywords and fitting them where they naturally can fit and seem logical. Our SEO services online fulfill your wish and need of being ranked higher and popular in search engines by optimizing your content and website according to WooCommerce directions. The meta descriptions of your products, product pages, URLs, permalinks, alt images, and image names; all should have keywords in them. We make sure to give it a natural touch in any content so that it does not look unpleasing and overfilled instead becomes hard to pinpoint.

Is WooCommerce SEO friendly?

WooCommerce supports SEO as it is built using the code that is optimized for SEO but it does not have much in the way of SEO features. WooCommerce specifically shines when it connects with WordPress and all of the other available plugins. Shortly, WooCommerce can’t stand alone rather it demands WordPress to function. After launching a store on WooCommerce, it is entirely on you to add things like themes, descriptions, products, photos, and other content. Ecommerce SEO services are available for WooCommerce except that you have to optimize all additional content. WooCommerce SEO is an activity that should be maintained continuously to get a consistent increase in search engine traffic and hence sales.

Shopify Vs WooCommerce

The ecommerce platform is created with the help of both WordPress and WooCommerce when they merge. Every ecommerce website has the features of payment and shipping because it is necessary for them to support, and the plugin features come with most of them. A lot of WooCommerce plugins assist you in increasing your earnings. Shopify is an all-in-one ecommerce platform. It is for beginners and the amount of customization is also limited. Both the stores come with all the facilities you need to sell your goods online. It is just that WooCommerce has a greater degree of flexibility. WooCommerce is also a lot less expensive; it is an open-source at hand for free on WordPress, whereas Shopify plans begin at $29 per month. We also provide Shopify SEO services in Lahore.