An Achievement Tale

Enza Digital Marketing

This case study directs how The Inksters’ strategy and relevant content helped Enza Home achieve a high position in the digital World.

Enza Home’s Overview

Enza Home is a lifestyle offered by Yataş. You can rely on us in every situation whether it’s most formal, your drawing room, or the most private space, your bedroom. Enza Home pays attention to the most important ingredients of good furniture; quality, affordability, style and comfort as the client’s contentment is the top precedence. We present variety of diverse and lavish choices; furniture, accessories, mattresses, storage beds and headboards, colorful home textile products as well as pillows and quilts.


Enza Home demanded a solid recognition in both the online and the physical markets as there was not enough traffic on the website. Due to fewer viewership, there were fewer sales.  The competition was fierce and the clicks and impressions on the website were not enough to meet the ranking demand as zero to none keyword was being ranked on Google.

No Traffic

No Ranking

No Sales

Click & Impressions



When Enza Home first approached us, they needed to get recognized by the Google through gaining a high ranking for all the keywords. Higher ranking directly gets high traffic. It was essential to optimize relevant keywords to the website, get consistent organic traffic, and unique visitors each month which in return would increase the organic sales.




the action plan

The first step was to create brand strategy plan to increase brand awareness in the relevant target market. We plan to get Enza Home recognized by the Google and the market that could only be done  through putting high-ranked keywords appropriately in the content, getting increased leads, and maintaining the right image of the client and the business from the start.

Blog Strategy

Content Strategy

Internal Linking

Keyword Research

Link Building

Google My Business

On Page SEO

User Experience


We got a 1st-page ranking on Google for the keywords we chose which increased our organic traffic remarkably, and there was a prominent increment in clicks and impressions


Clicks & Impressions:

Want Results Like These?



The Inksters’ Web Developers and designers always make sure to make the website that does not only look catchy to the visitors, but has high readability and easy accessing. With this, we take care of the mobile users’ experience also. Our strategy is to attract the user’s mind and making him stay on the website longer. We ensure the reduction in bounce rate by 60% hence improving the search engine ranking on the Google. Moreover, we provide all the tools for smooth searching so that users can easily go back to any page anytime. We take care of the image quality, appearance, and zooming.


It is a great challenge for any new business when it comes to breaking into a big crowded market especially when it has online services also. One thing that Enza home needed the most was high ranking on Google. We let Enza Home achieved incredible results through our distinguished, speedy, and approving digital marketing services.